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Philanthropy is one of the main pillars of the 41°-74° Club that makes us stand out from other travel/hospitality industry organizations. The club hosts a Holiday Luncheon each December which raises thousands  of dollars for worthy charities.  Our Philanthropic Committee carefully researches local charities to ascertain the best recipients of these contributions.  We also often support other causes as the need arises through the generosity of our members

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Making a difference and giving back

2020-2021 Club Year

Charity                             Description                           Amount         Comments

Invisible Hands               Thanksgiving donation        $   500            From the club's treasury

The Starfish Program     2020 Holiday Luncheon       $ 6,175           Fundraising efforts

Sanctuary for Families    2020 Holiday Luncheon      $ 2,000           From the club's treasury +

                                                                                                              $1k from Joanne Costagliola's daughter

AmericaShare/Huru.       2021 Spring Fundraiser       $ 6,500           Fundraising efforts


Total raised in 2020-2021                                             $15,025


2021-2022 Club Year

Charity                             Description                           Amount         Comments

Harlem Grown                2021 Holiday Luncheon       $6,000

World Kitchen                 2022 Spring Fundraiser       $3,000             Fundraising efforts + from the club's                                                                                                                        treasury

Total raised in 2021-2022                                              $9,000


2022-2023 Club Year

Charity                             Description                           Amount         Comments

R.A.I.N. Total Care           2022 Holiday Luncheon      $10,000 

Madonna Heights            2023 Spring Fundraiser       $ 1,000            Fundraising efforts + from the club's


America Share                  For Michael Owino              $ 1,750


Total raised in 2022-23                                                   $12,750

2023-2024 Club Year

Charity                              Description                            Amount        Comments

Ballroom Basix                  2023 Holiday Luncheon      $6,500

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